A1GP to be resurrected?

UPDATE Seeing is maybe believing……According to their website we are only weeks away from the introduction of the new A1GP somewhere in the Netherlands or Germany. We can only wonder who the wealthy person is that has been duped this time into thinking the A1GP concept can work.

01/16/12 A group of mainly Dutch investors is preparing a relaunch of the A1 Grand Prix series under the name A1 World Cup. The website has a clock www.a1worldcup.com, with another 28 weeks until something happens. Furthermore, the plan's still fairly unclear.

Behind the initiative is the Dutch company Primrose. A spokesman for the company said "Unfortunately, I currently have little say. Over the coming months, A1 World Cup will present itself the press with the information it intends to make available, when this is appropriate."

"The role of Primrose I can explain – We invested with a group, mainly Dutch investors, for the restart of the A1 Grand Prix. This group looks like a Dutch initiative to resurrect A1 Grand Prix races in 2013. This was done before with A1P, but this time we plan to run it for a profit, not a loss."

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