Will Kyle Busch give F1 a try?

Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch is one very fascinating race driver. He has plenty of fans who proudly wear his souvenir shirts and hats while endorsing his primary sponsor: the candy that "melts in your mouth and not in your hand." He seems to have an equal amount of naysayers who boo to the point of becoming hoarse at the mere mention of his name. No matter which group you belong to, we all seem to watch him both on and off the track.

Someone else has been spending a great deal of time watching him as well. That would be Peter Windsor the Sporting Director for the recently formed US F1 the American based racing team that plans to enter the worldwide Formula One racing ranks next year. The US F1 was created by Ken Anderson , a former Haas CNC Racing Technical Director, and Windsor a journalist and a former manager with the Williams and Ferrari F1 teams. The team is currently housed in a former shop occupied by Joe Gibbs Racing in Huntersville-North Carolina. By next year they are expected to be the only Formula One racing team that will be headquartered outside of Europe.

It seems that Windsor is a huge fan of Kyle Busch and would truly love to have him drive one of his cars on the famed European circuit in 2011. In a recent interview with "USA Today," Windsor said he truly believes that Busch has the talent to make what he termed the difficult transition from NASCAR to Formula One.

"I believe that Kyle can win a championship in Formula One. I think he's got exactly the right talent, the right approach. I'd love to see him in a Formula One car. If he wants to jump into our car to do some demonstrations here in the states next year he's welcome to do that," Windsor said during that interview.

It's going to be at least 2011 before Busch could seriously entertain any offer from US F1. He's currently under contract to Joe Gibbs Racing through the end of the 2010 season.

However, last February Busch was asked about Formula One racing and seemed to have some sort of game plan to make that transition. He indicated that if he could win a NASCAR championship within two to three years then he would consider a move to F1 racing for a few years followed by a return to NASCAR.

At this juncture it appears that neither Busch or Windsor has actually met each other. However it seems that their representatives have had contact. There were recent reports that said that Busch's business reps met with US F1 reps and that raised more than a few racing eyebrows.

The next act of Kyle Busch fascination will take place this Monday night when he, and Joe Gibbs Racing team mate Joey Logano, will be the official guest hosts on "Raw": World Wrestling Entertainment's wildly popular television program.

If the show follows its usual guest host format, then expect Busch and Logano to interact with the wrestlers both in and out of the ring. They will, seemingly, be in charge of setting up some special fan pleasing matches that is not expected to be very popular with some of the WWE super stars.

The NASCAR and WWE "Raw" connection is actually a very brilliant marketing move. Both organizations are wildly popular with massive fan bases that easily interacts with each other. There are already reports that states the two drivers will carry WWE logos on their race cars for the upcoming NASCAR Nationwide Series event at the Texas Motor Speedway. Busch's #18 Toyota will be sponsored by Z Line Designs/WWE while Logano's #20 will carry the logo Game Stop/"Raw" Versus "Smackdown" which is the other very popular WWE television program.

You can catch Busch/Logano live and in charge on "Raw" this Monday night at 9 pm eastern time on the USA Network.

I just hope that Kyle Busch doesn't make the mistake of smarting off to someone like "The Big Show." That would be the WWE super star who has very little patience for wise cracking people who are smaller than he is. Then again, at seven feet tall and 485 pounds, everyone on the entire planet is smaller than the "Big Show."

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