Massa’s days numbered at Ferrari

(GMM) Michael Schumacher may have trounced title rival Fernando Alonso, but Ferrari was only '50 per cent happy' with its result at Magny Cours.

Indeed, in the red-shod paddock surrounds, an undertone of disappointment resonated at the mention of the name 'Massa'.

Ferrari and Bridgestone dominated in the French heat, but still Renault's Alonso managed to emerge ahead of the young Brazilian on the post-race podium, despite Massa's start from the front row. (Pictured right Schumacher leads a Ferrari 1-2 at the start, but a too-slow Massa could not keep Alonso at bay.)

''You know, for us,'' said Ferrari chief Jean Todt, ''what is important is to have as many cars as possible in front of the one who is leading the championship if Michael is ahead.''

So Felipe Massa could have done better, then?

''I think your question could be better, that's for sure,'' the Frenchman told reporters, but technical director Ross Brawn was singing a similar tune.

He said: ''We are only fifty per cent happy, because we wanted to see Felipe in second place.''

As it is, Schumacher can keep winning races, with Alonso second, and the Spaniard will still wear his second F1 crown at the Brazilian finale.

[Editor's Note: While Massa can't be expected to beat the greatest driver in history, Michael Schumacher, he is expected to get the job done as #2 at Ferrari. If this continues look for him to be replaced in 2007.]

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