Rahal eyes GP2 and then F1

Graham Rahal is very clear about he wants in the future: he wants to be a Formula 1 driver first and foremost. Rahal is 17 but doing well in Star Mazda and Champ Car Atlantics and hopes that he will catch the attention of the F1 teams next weekend in Indianapolis when he races in the Indy Pro Series event supporting the United States Grand Prix.

"F1 is at the top of the sport," he says. "I hope to go to Europe and make a mark, and that's what's most important to me."

According to his father Bobby, Graham has always wanted to be in F1.

"Ever since he was a little boy, that has been what he has wanted to do," Rahal admits. "I've got the reins pulled back half the time, but he's doing such a great job, who knows where he's going to end up?"

His aim is to be in Europe next year, probably in GP2, and then move up to F1.

Indy Car's challenge, should there be a merger, will be to entice Rahal to remain in the states to go up against the likes of Marco Andretti and renew some old family rivalries that would help to get fans interested in the sport again. With that said, who can blame Rahal for having F1 aspirations, but if the USGP runs its last race at Indy next weekend, there may not be the push to have an American in the series like there is now. With Scott Speed being an F1 backmarker in perhaps the worst team, Americans could care less.

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