Did NASCAR retaliate against Penske?

Boy, you wanna race in NASCAR you had better learn to keep your mouth shut…got that boy?

When you race in NASCAR you soon learn who is boss and to keep your mouth shut and bite your tongue. That was a Roger Penske driver (Brad Keselowski) who was penalized for "jumping a restart" at New Hampshire. We can't remember NASCAR doing that for a long time.

Recall it was Penske, Keselowski's team owner, who two weeks ago criticized NASCAR officials for failing to penalize Matt Kenseth for a jumped restart at Richmond. "You can't have that kind of restart," the Penske said after Richmond. He also said something to the effect that NASCAR officials must've had the blinds closed in the upstairs control tower.

After this past weekend's race at New Hampshire it was Keselowski's turn to open his mouth and said "It's a pretty basic understanding, NASCAR is an entertainment sport, not a fair sport" For that comment you can rest assured that no Penske driver will win the NASCAR Sprint Cup title in 2015.

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