A Tribute to Dan Gurney

Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney

The Henry Ford pays tribute to racing legend Dan Gurney with the Edison-Ford Medal for his ingenuity and lifetime of innovative achievements. In addition to a number of memorable wins in a variety of racing categories, Gurney established himself not only as one of racing’s most successful drivers, but also as an innovative car builder and team owner.

Dan Gurney’s wide-ranging curiosity and hands-on attitude have resulted in a number of innovations including the downforce-increasing “Gurney flap" and the “rolling wind tunnel," at his race shop All American Racers, built to test the at-speed aerodynamics of scale models.

The Edison-Ford Medal is designed to honor those who fully leverage the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that resides in every one of us.

This tribute film, narrated by Brian Williams, premiered during October 29, 2014 the ceremony at The Henry Ford In 2014 where Dan Gurney received the Edison-Ford Medal for Innovation.

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