Speedcar Series conducts first test of new season

Speedcar Series has just completed a day and a half of rigorous testing on new components for the stockcars this afternoon at the Dubai Autodrome ahead of the second season commencing in October this year.

The stockcar tested on the track has been set up with new and improved prototypes of the suspension, Brembo braking system, transmission and cooling system. The performance of the Speedcar is evaluated based on test drivers' feedback and lap timings among other things.

Jean Alesi, Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, Fabien Giroix, Nicolas Navarro and David Terrien, runner-up to the first Speedcar Championship title, are the drivers who have been out on the track testing the stockcars in Dubai, the home of the Series.

"I think the test went off very well with good reactions and positive feedback from the drivers. We worked in the right direction and the handling of the car has definitely improved. This was the first step of the evolution, more will be tested like the engine and body in July", said Benjamin Durand, Technical Manager of Speedcar Series International.

Terrien who ran the fastest lap on Test Day 1 yesterday, clocking 1:44.87 said, "Overall I thought we had a very good test session. The modified suspension we tested will now be more reliable and improve the balance of the car. It will be easier to control and precision of the car during races allowing for less mistakes and making overtaking easier".

Speedcar Series begins its second season in October 2008 after a successful debut that ran across tracks both in the Middle East and Asia.

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