Antinucci wins his first Indy Pro race

Results Sunday of the Mid-Ohio 100 Indy Pro Series event July 22 at the 2.258-mile Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, with order of finish, starting position in parentheses, driver, laps completed, reason out (if any) and money earned:
1. (4) Richard Antinucci, 40, Running $32,500
2. (6) Wade Cunningham, 40, Running $25,000
3. (2) Stephen Simpson, 40, Running $20,000
4. (3) Andrew Prendeville, 40, Running $16,400
5. (9) Hideki Mutoh, 40, Running $15,900
6. (5) Bobby Wilson, 40, Running $15,400
7. (8) Robbie Pecorari, 40, Running $14,900
8. (10) Jaime Camara, 40, Running $14,400
9. (13) Mike Potekhen, 40, Running $13,900
10. (11) Logan Gomez, 40, Running $13,400
11. (7) Ryan Justice, 40, Running $12,400
12. (14) Sean Guthrie, 40, Running $11,400
13. (19) Chris Festa, 40, Running $10,400
14. (16) Brad Jaeger, 40, Running $10,000
15. (12) CR Crews, 40, Running $9,500
16. (20) Doug Boyer, 40, Running $9,000
17. (17) Ken Losch, 40, Running $8,500
18. (18) Joey Scarallo, 40, Running $8,000
19. (15) Jonathan Klein, 39, Running $5,000
20. (23) Daniel Herrington, 36, Running $4,000
21. (22) Jon Brownson, 25, Handling $3,000
22. (1) Alex Lloyd, 24, Mechanical $2,000
23. (21) Tom Wieringa, 12, Mechanical $0

Race Statistics
Winner's average speed: 104.863 mph
Time of race: 51:40.7399
Margin of victory: 0.9588 of a second
Cautions: 1 caution flag for 2 laps
Lead changes: 1 among 2 drivers
Lap leaders: Lloyd 1-15, Antinucci 16-40.
Point standings: Lloyd 508, Mutoh 397, Cunningham 342, Wilson 320, Camara 290, Pecorari 265, Potekhen 264, Festa 242, Gomez 241, Simpson 241.


RICHARD ANTINUCCI (No. 51 Cheever Racing, winner Mid-Ohio 100): "We were very progressive, getting faster and faster. I was worried after the restart. We struggled a bit compared to (Wade) Cunningham. I think he had higher tire pressures, which allowed him to be set up quicker. But we were there all weekend, and we finally won one."

WADE CUNNINGHAM (No. 27 Automatic Fire Sprinklers, finished second): "It was tough. We opted to go for a light downforce setup, and it was great for passing. But the car definitely was difficult to drive over the long run. Richard (Antinucci) was running more downforce than us. We were much quicker down the straight. We had to take that gamble starting sixth, and it got us a second so I'm pleased with that."

STEPHEN SIMPSON (No. 24 Kenn Hardley Racing, finished third): "We were probably two- or three-tenths off Wade (Cunningham) and Richard (Antinucci), so there's a little more work to do. But all in all it was a strong weekend for the Kenn Hardley Racing crew."

ANDREW PRENDEVILLE (No. 5 RLR/Andersen Racing, finished fourth): "It was a great weekend. Our best yet. I don't think I had any contact with anyone. It was close with [Bobby] Wilson. I'll have to ask him if we touched, but I don't think so. We raced hard, but we've done that so many times before. They were gaining 10 car lengths on the straights, and I could pull nine to 11 car lengths on them in the twisty stuff to keep in front of them. The only way that was possible was because we had a really good-handling car. The start was not the greatest. (Wade) Cunningham blew right by me. That was just a case of better straight-line speed. But I was able to make up a lot of the distance, and I almost got the position back a little later. We finished all 40 laps for the Best Friends Animal Society. We had our best qualifying result yet, and we duplicated our best race result. It was a great weekend."

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