Carl Edwards to Joe Gibb Racing? (Update)


Carl Edwards Toyota or Chevy bound?

Rumors are that Carl Edwards may go to drive for Joe Gibbs Racing. Joe Gibbs told it would take a lot for JGR to add a fourth team. "I'm not going to guess on stuff and the rumors and everything," Gibbs said. "We get into this every year and there's a period we kind of got to go through, I've come to feel."

"So many times when the top guys come available, everybody in the sport kind of looks at it. There's a couple of guys this year – that are on their last year, so it kind of happens."

"But it's hard to do (add a 4th car). Like I've said, it's extremely hard to do cause you've get so many things to work to make it happen. I'd say for the last four to five years we've looked at it, but it's hard to do and we haven't been able to think it's best for us."

05/10/14 Carl Edwards talked to the media Friday at Kansas Speedway:

You mentioned contracts. Has there been progress? "You guys know that I don't like to talk about that stuff in the media. To me, that is business and I have made the mistake of letting that turn into a big media thing before so I would rather not talk about that and keep that between me and Jack and Steve Newmark."

Are some teams more enticing that others? "Part of me not talking about it would be not answering that question."

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