Sandbagging at Daytona test days…

UPDATE More on the sandbagging front, the big news out of the Daytona 24 Hour 3 day test was the Fords were 3 to 4 mph faster than any other car at the end of the straights, and many of them were sandbagging. Didn’t go unnoticed by all of the other teams and there is a HUGE controversy and storm over it.

We have been hearing a lot of chatter that the BMW DP engine will be the beat to chase down though, as the high horsepower unit. This makes sense, because Chip Ganassi usually doesn't bet on anything but the strongest horse…

01/11/10 We have been talking to teams and found out that the teams know their hot lap before GrandAm does, buy taking their time from a different point on the track than the official timing and scoring spot.

The teams all have their own telemetry of course, and most of them are even GPS based. They simply put their timing point on the back side of the track. So when they are on a hot lap, they can dial it back so they don’t show their hand to the other teams.

However, you can bet that all the teams do that. So really, all we are seeing is the team that decided to top the other with whatever lap they wanted to show.

So what does it really mean to the fans and the media? Absolutely nothing of course!

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