Champ Car to announce new Atlantic deal

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today and the announcement is pretty much as we rumored. See Home Page for the full story. In a nutshell the comparison of the new car to the existing car is as follows:

Item Existing Car New Car
Series Name Toyota Atlantic Championship Champ Car Atlantic Championship
Top Speed 162 mph 175 mph
Horsepower 240 HP (4 cylinder Toyota) 300 HP (4 cylinder Cosworth)
Length 167 inches 171 inches
Wheelbase 104 inches 108 inches
Weight 1,265 lbs (w/driver) 1,265 lbs (w/driver)
Fuel Capacity 14 gallons 17 gallons
Starts Rolling Both rolling and standing
Length of race 65 miles 75 miles
Races per year 12 12
Cost to buy $172 Complete $175K complete, incl. engine
Cost per year per car $500 K $500 to $600K
Prize Money $1.63 million
Champion's prize $2 million

07/29/05 Our sources tell us that the announcement of the new Formula Atlantic car will be Saturday here in San Jose. As previously rumored, the chassis will be a Swift and the engine Cosworth. The big news is the rumored $2 million check that goes to the winning driver to be used for a ride in the Champ Car series the following year. We hear young drivers from around the world are expressing interest. We predict a slew of new talent in the Atlantic series because of this pot at the end of the rainbow.

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