Overheard in Edmonton – IV

UPDATE We are hearing that Swift is now the front-runner to get the chassis contract for the new Atlantic series. Swift makes the current car and it appears to be fairly reliable and it keeps some Americans employed. And since Swift is near Cosworth, if Cosworth gets the engine contract, they can work closer with Swift. Mark C. 07/17/05 Until today we were told there were three options for the replacement to the Toyota Atlantic series, but we were only able to dig up two of the three options 1) A new Lola Chassis with a Cosworth engine, or 2) The one-year old Renault V6 cars from Europe. Last night the scuttlebutt was that Toyota may be having a change of heart and may stay in the series, which could be the third option. We do know that Champ Car wants an engine with more power for the Atlantic Series. Toyota did not have one. If this third rumor is true, have they decided to build one, or perhaps badge a Cosworth. We have to believe that Toyota is quite capable of building their own, but badging a Cosworth may be a lower cost alternative?…..We hear that San Jose will be a real scramble to be ready in time because construction started late…….We heard that if Honda pulls out of the IRL entirely, Andretti Green Racing might following the money to ALMS with Honda. Of course that rumor is coming from within the Champ Car paddock, so take it for what it's worth. Mark C.

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