Legge to get Champ Car test

UPDATE This Edmonton Sun article has more on Legge's comments about her readiness for Champ Car. 07/17/05 After winning her second Toyota Atlantic race in just eight starts we hear that Kevin Kalkhoven will probably give Katherine Legge a Champ Car test after the season is over. In today's post-race interview a modest Legge said she felt she was not ready mentally for Champ Car and she was still making too many rookie mistakes, but if she does really well with the Champ Car in the off-season – who knows.

A Champ Car is a very difficult beast to tackle and far harder than 100% throttle racing we see in another series, but given that Legge has already been able to win two Atlantic races and Danica Patrick never even won one, she might be able to handle a Champ Car. Legge was very complimentary of Danica Patrick today, saying that she admires what she has done and wishes her nothing but good luck. Patrick was also up against some very talented drivers in Atlantic, but balancing that was the fact she had Team Rahal behind her, at the time a strong Champ Car team. Mark C.

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