IRL trying to steal Legge

UPDATE According to the same article, Legge's contract with Polestar was for six months and, as of last weekend's races in Cleveland, she became a free agent and the IRL wants her to create a media frenzy of Danica Patrick against Legge. 06/28/05 Someone from the IRL contacted Katherine Legge about possibly switching series. This Toronto Star article supports this claim. This would go along with what we have seen for years whereby the IRL teams have tried to pluck the Champ Car paddock dry of teams, drivers and sponsors. Now Champ Car has struck back stealing Al Unser III and before that Conquest Racing. With Toyota and Chevy money about to leave the IRL paddock perhaps we will see Champ Car begin to pluck the IRL paddock dry over the next two years as the two sides run each other out of business. Isn't this war fantastic? Last note – why don't they hire one of the IPS drivers and do they really think he will get Legge after Kevin Kalkhoven gave her the chance of a lifetime? Some people worship the almighty dollar and some have integrity.

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