What’s up with Al Unser III?

UPDATE #3 We spoke to Toyota Atlantic series spokesperson Merrill Cain today who informed us that the Al Unser III deal is still not done yet, but it's getting closer. They hope to have an announcement next week sometime so Unser can race in Portland next weekend. He is making an appearance in Portland this weekend as we previously reported, if that is any indication. We also hear the same company that was going to sponsor him may now put another one of their poker websites on his car. 05/30/05 Even further research yields an entirely different picture – Here are just a few of the companies that are doing online gambling advertising now. It appears it is not uncommon. The World Trade Organization (WTO) came down with a ruling in 2004 that the DOJ is negotiating on at this point. The ruling by the WTO was in favor of the online gambling firms. We are not attorneys, but this research leads us to now believe Unser's sponsor may be acceptable. More…. 05/30/05 Further research reveals a related article below. FYI, ESPN, Fox, major magazines, the Super Bowl, etc.,etc., are and have allowed similar sponsors this year.

Bodog Press Release – Bodog.com Rocks Indy at the 2005 Miss 500 Hawaiian Tropic Pageant & Pre-Race VIP Party, Releases Odds on Race Winner May 17, 2005 Indianapolis, IN – Leading online gambling site Bodog.com, sponsor of some of the world's hottest social events, continues this month in Indianapolis during the Indy 500 race weekend with the 2005 Miss 500 Hawaiian Tropic Pageant & Pre-Race VIP Party on Saturday, May 28th. "We like to have a presence at the major sports and entertainment events so the Indy 500 is big on the calendar," says Calvin Ayre, Bodog.com Founder and CEO. "Fast cars, hot girls, good times, it's the New American Dream." The event will take place at the exclusive Vizion-Vapour Lounge in Indianapolis. This will be an ultra-elite soiree, with invitees including celebrity race fans, top drivers and glamorous models. The party will feature performances by local Indianapolis favorites Five Apples and Dave & Rae, along with national break-out rock group The Franchize. Additional sounds will be provided by DJs Slater Hogan, Noah the Arkitech, and Unorthodox. Bodog.com will be extremely visible come race weekend in Indianapolis. In addition to the Pageant party, Bodog will host a Budweiser co-sponsored tent party for 300 VIPS that will take place on the infield of the track Bodog calendar girl winner Melina will be on hand during the party to sign and give out popular Bodog Girl calendars. At the same time, and into the night, the Bodog.com Beach Party will take place. There will be a volleyball tourney with Hawaiian Tropic girls vs. Bodog Girls. The event will be at the Bella Vita at the Marina Geist.

05/30/05 Al Unser III's sponsor bospoker.com may be problematic. It's not clear yet. As we understand it, Champ Car has turned this deal down even as of last month for sponsorship/signage for races (in Mexico and Canada). This originally was turned down due to the Department of Justice (DoJ) threatening ALL broadcast companies. DoJ claims ANY advertising by OFF SHORE (they are based in Costa Rica and publicly held in the UK) and on-line gambling is illegal in the USA. Any company -magazines, broadcast, radio, etc that allows the advertising will be fined and possibly jailed and/or FCC license will be revolved.

One off shore gambling company had $3.4 million confiscated by the DoJ after they paid a cable company as sponsorship of a gambling tournament which was scheduled to be broadcast.

After sportsbook.com sponsors a ALMS car — CBS, SPEED etc WILL not identify the car or say sportsbook. After this was announced – Trans-Am, NASCAR, Champ Car, IRL and others were contacted by an agency that has bospoker.com as a client – each turned down the money we are told.

We are told NASCAR WILL NOT let any on-line gambling site be involved in ANY way with any team or function. PartyPoker.com is NOT a gambling site.

Betonsports.com had a motorcoach traveling many pro and college football games. In Tampa — all of the people running the motorcoach were arrested since it is "illegal."

From what we are being told, the IRL is not alone in turning down this sponsor – every series including Champ Car and Trans-Am have refused to take money or even discuss this sponsorship. Walker Racing had sportsbook.com in Miami — they found out that this was illegal AFTER the race and it was not renewed or considered for any future sponsorships. Stay tuned as we're sure there is another side to this story.

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