Sierra Sierra eyes new PanAm series

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false.' According to a team spokesperson Sierra Sierra is not eyeing the PanAmerican Series. 01/16/05 The Toyota Atlantic championship took a blow a few days ago when the Sierra Sierra team announced they were leaving the series. Speculation has been rampant as to where they are going. Some say the IRL or the IPS Series, still others say Grand-Am or Star Mazda. Another rumor making the rounds says the team is also looking at the new PanAmerican Series, which has major backing from Renault. Here is the formal press release put out today about the series. Looking at their website it's clear they are well on the way to making the Toyota Atlantic Series a thing of the past….which it will be regardless after 2005. The Renault V6 car will easily out perform the Toyota Atlantic cars. With Formula BMW also rumored to be flying the coop, and the karting series now under the IRL's wings, Champ Car's ladder system will soon be history if OWRS doesn't react quickly. Mark C.

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