Drivers being lured by big money to Rolex 24

The France family has opened up the faucet and the money is flowing freely in order to lure the best drivers to the Rolex 24. Kurt Busch said at Daytona Saturday, "We're getting paid a lot to do this and we're going to have fun." It's becoming more evident why the Grand-Am has new teams and drivers coming out of the woodwork to compete. Could the France family be making a big pitch to totally monopolize racing in the USA? They already have a monopoly on the oval track market. Could this big push for the Grand-Am Series be their attempt to gain a monopoly on road racing in the USA? By luring everyone into Grand-Am other USA based road racing series suffer and eventually wither and die. They have even managed to lure many manufacturers into the Grand-Am while other series are losing them or are having a hard time gaining new ones. The full court press is on and much to their credit, the France family does things right. TV deals are struck early the year before, they have a business plan, they execute with precision, they adequately staff the effort, manufacturers, teams and drivers see a clear picture of the future. The same can't be said for other racing organizations in the USA. Some haven't even finalized their 2005 race schedule and TV deal leaving teams unsponsored and teetering on the brink of collapse.

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