Fogarty signs with Grand-Am team

UPDATE #3 Hearing that Fogarty has either signed or will be signing soon with the Flying Lizard team in ALMS. We also hear that he may be paired with Johannes van Overbeek. 11/08/04 As a further update, we can tell you that Jon Fogarty signed with an un-named ALMS team for 2005. Fogarty was married this past weekend to his long-time girlfriend. 11/07/04 This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. has learned that the Pacific Coast team has decided not to field a team in Grand-Am as the funding did not materialize. Now it will be curious to see where Jon Fogarty lands. Mark C. 11/01/04 Rumor has it that 2-time Toyota Atlantic champion Jon Fogarty has signed to drive with a Grand-Am team next year. Pacific Coast, the team he drove for this year in Atlantics, was rumored to have bought Grand-Am equipment, but no word on whether that is the team he will be driving for. Supposedly two Champ Car teams were interested in Fogarty and were waiting to see how he did in his up-coming Champ Car test he won as a result of being Toyota Atlantic Champion, but if this rumor is true, and we believe it is, that's all for naught. There is a lot of France family and Toyota money flowing in Grand-Am right now, so we suspect Fogarty took a sure salary when the offer arose. Mark C.

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