Toyota to enter V8 Supercars

Rumors in Australia suggest that Toyota is considering entering the V8 Supercar series – the NASCAR of Australia. “We think it's probably time to consider a third manufacturer joining the championship," Tony Cochrane said in the Saturday press conference at Mount Panorama. Cochrane pointed to the example in the US where Toyota has joined the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. “NASCAR has embraced additional manufacturers, they've done a very good job of it, we're going to try and learn a bit from that. We think the championship has now arrived at a point in time where that is going to be a consideration, it's certainly big enough and we realize that we're popular enough." When asked if he had a specific manufacturer in mind, Cochrane joked “I don't think it'll be Skoda," and later conceded that Mitsubishi and Toyota are the leading candidates.

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