F1 must ‘pressure’ Pirelli for better tires – Hamilton

Hamilton wants tires with more grip that don’t deteriorate as fast. Can someone explain to Hamilton that you can’t have both. Harder tires will let you race harder without destroying the tire, but you will be slower.  LAT Images

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton wants Pirelli to create better tires for Formula 1.

At Silverstone recently, the six-time world champion won the race with only three tires intact, following a spate of wear issues among the field.

And then in Barcelona, he won again but only after carefully managing tire wear by reducing his pace.

“Right now we’re doing a lot of management and I don’t think the fans want that,” Hamilton is quoted as saying by motorsport-magazin.com.

“It’s not what the drivers want either. Looking ahead, we really have to put a lot of pressure on Pirelli.”

Hamilton says F1 had to push ahead with the 2019 tires this year because Pirelli “didn’t do a great job” developing the rejected new tires for 2020.

“We need a better tire that offers us more grip, better safety and that enables us to deliver better racing for the fans,” said the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton says the drivers also want to be part of that process.

“We want to help Pirelli make a better tire, if they can,” he said.

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