Ferrari slump ‘not comparable’ to 1993 – Todt

(GMM) Jean Todt thinks Ferrari should be able to recover from its surprisingly-deep 2020 slump.

Ever since the FIA president reached a controversial secret agreement with Maranello over its questionably-legal 2019 engine, Ferrari has moved into the midfield.

Despite the famous team’s highs, it is familiar territory for Ferrari. Indeed, Todt signed to be Ferrari’s team boss in 1993 amid a similar lack of pace.

“I don’t like to see anyone suffer, no matter who it is,” Todt told Auto Motor und Sport. “That’s why I first try to understand the reasons.

“I can only say that today’s Ferrari is not comparable to the team that I took over in 1993. I would have liked to have had such a starting base.

“Ferrari is a strong organization today,” he added.

Jean Todt in his Ferrari era

During its long history in Formula 1 that hit the 1000-race mark at Mugello, Todt oversaw the then unprecedented level of success in the Michael Schumacher era.

But Todt said the 1000-race mark did not make him emotional.

“It’s a big number, but it didn’t arouse my emotions,” said the FIA president. “I was a fan of Ferrari as a child, then I was in their service and now I’m a neutral spectator.

“My chapter at Ferrari is over.”

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