downward trajectory

TV ratings for all sports struggling since they became ‘woke’

With many people staying home due to Covid-19 one would assume TV ratings would spike. What else is there to do when you are stuck in the house and you also cannot attend the event in person?

But the exact opposite has happened.  As more athletes and leagues support terrorist groups and disrespect the American flag, true Americans are switching off their TV sets in disgust.

Even the mighty NFL struggled its first two weeks – down 8% and 5% in viewership year-over-year, respectively – before bouncing back to even with 2019 in Week 3.

In 2012 NASCAR average 5.9 million viewers per race.  This year that number has dropped to just over 2 million per race.  Ratings from last year are down about 10%.

F1 TV ratings globally has seen a slight increase over 2019 as most countries are not ‘woke.’  However, F1 TV ratings in ‘woke’ USA have dropped around 5% from 2019.

The hard lesson sports series in general will have to learn is that fans watch sports for the thrill of the game, and get disgusted when you try to inject politics into their sport. You are bound to piss off at least half your fans.

Just as there is a separation of Church and State, so too should there be a separation of politics and sports.

New Viewership Lows

NBA Finals Game 1: -45%, all-time low
Stanley Cup Final: -61%, 13-year low
U.S. Open final round: -56%, all-time low
Kentucky Derby: -43%, all-time low
Indy 500: -32%, all-time low

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