Extreme E partners with XITE Energy drink

Extreme E, the pioneering electric off-road racing championship, has confirmed today that XITE Energy will become the official Energy Drink Supplier to the sport for purpose series.

XITE Energy, which was born in Bristol UK, is only two years old but has already made huge waves in the highly competitive energy drinks market.  The brainchild of university graduate and rally driver Oliver Bennett – who is racing in Extreme E for the Hispano Suiza XITE Energy Team – and co founder Megan Jones.

The product is designed to resonate with fellow Gen Z’ers by using nootropics (Cognitive amino acids that aid concentration and focus) natural caffeine (green coffee bean), natural flavors, pansax ginseng, L-tyrosine and L-carnitine – all designed to keep energy levels constant without the ‘highs and lows’ associated with most other energy drinks. The brand is also proud that 1p for every can sold goes to mental health charities.

You can pickup the drinks nationwide in forecourts, Holland and Barrett, Ocado and WH Smith. Or delivered directly to your door via drinkxite.com

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “I’m delighted to welcome XITE Energy to the Extreme E family. The product is a perfect fit for our series; not only do the drinks taste and make you feel great, but the company also shares many of Extreme E’s core values including investment in renewable energies and sustainable transport systems.

“In addition, XITE will be supplying reusable bottles to everyone on-site at our race events. One of our championship’s many missions is to highlight the damage that pollution causes and how we can all make a positive difference to our planet by reducing our use of single-use plastic.”

Extreme E, which debuts in Saudi Arabia is just 9 days, is a sport on a mission to shine a spotlight on the world’s climate crisis. The series will visit five remote locations; arctic, desert, rainforest, glacier, and coastal; which are already damaged or severely under threat of climate change from a range of serious issues including melting ice caps, deforestation, desertification, and rising sea levels, which are all impacted by climate change and human influences.

Oliver Bennett said: “This is a really exciting step forward for XITE Energy to partner the global race series of a generation. There are some real parallels in the way the energy drinks and motorsport sectors are evolving. For so long, there was no alternative to internal combustion if you wanted to go racing. Now? We’re 100% electric.

“XITE Energy is the energy drink equivalent. The synergy between XITE and Extreme E is incredible. XITE Energy provides sustained energy thanks to the use of natural caffeine and nootropics while my Extreme E race car’s battery is filled with electricity sourced by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

“But this is about more than that. It’s a business and lifestyle choice. It’s about looking after each other, it’s why we make a donation to a mental health charity for every can we sell.

“Our parent firm – Bee Green Energy – is a renewable energy company putting 100MW of green energy into the national grid; as a group, we’re carbon-neutral and very much focused on the future.

“Extreme E was the only way forward for us.

“The environment is at the forefront of everything we do, that’s something running through an expanding product range focused firmly on delivering a natural, sustained energy boost. But this is about more than an energy drink. It’s about breaking new ground in one of the most competitive sectors of business ever. The energy drinks market is vibrant, exciting and very, very powerful. Working alongside Extreme E, we’re looking forward to providing a sustainable, energized future for motorsport.”

Extreme E sees the future of mobility as being electric, which is why it has chosen an E-SUV as its race car. The series aims to showcase the capabilities of electric mobility with a view to encouraging change for consumers, as well as engaging automotive manufacturers to use Extreme E as a test bed for future consumer-facing technologies.


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