New Race Track Announced for Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Oct. 15-17

The 2021 Chattanooga Motorcar Festival announced an all-new two-mile (approx.) race course in downtown Chattanooga to host wheel-to-wheel competition during its second festival on Oct. 15-17, 2021.

The inaugural Chattanooga Motorcar Festival was held in 2019. The 2020 event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Development and oversight of the course design was conducted by a renowned motorsports track planning and execution company. Construction is currently underway. The track will be named the Pace Grand Prix at the Bend, in memory of the late Jim Pace.

Best in class 2020 by Patrick Tremblay

The purpose-built street course will have eight turns winding through city streets and sections of private property, with its main entrance at Blue Goose Hollow Park. It will continue to expand in the coming years, with a longer version planned for 2022.

Events on the course during Friday and Saturday will include class races among a limited number of 12 competitors at a time. The new track replaces the Time Trials course used in 2019. Class designations may be found when registering at

The track entry is walkable to The Westin Hotel in West Village, home base of the festival. Offered this year are four 72-passenger open-air trams running between West Village and the track for those who wish to #GETINANDGO rather than walk.

Ford GT40 by Patrick Tremblay

“We want our second ‘annual’ event to be a true motorcar festival that includes all four significant aspects – a concours d’elegance, a road rallye, a car auction and race-track competition,” said Alexis Bogo, event advisor. “From the racing events and nightly street festivities in the West Village, to the proximity to the Tennessee Aquarium, Children’s Discovery Museum, High Point Climbing, and other family-friendly attractions, there will be something for everyone within walking distance, creating a unique family-friendly experience in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.”

Other events during the festival include fun for both children and adults: games, simulators, youth judging, Automobilia, Car Club gatherings, specialty displays, celebrities and special guests, panel discussions, and much more. “There will be entertainment available for all from the time the gates open each day,” added Bogo.

Trans-Am Mustang by Patrick Tremblay

With additional family-friendly events to be announced later, the 2021 festival features the Concours d’Elegance, West Village Road Rallye, Mecum Auctions and The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend.

Additional information may be found at

Tickets will be available soon.

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