F1: Rosberg not interested in being ‘next Toto Wolff’

(GMM) Nico Rosberg is racing away from any suggestion that he is eyeing a Toto Wolff-like future.

Prior to rising to prominence as one of the most successful Formula 1 team bosses of all time, 49-year-old Wolff was a driver and motorsport investor.

Today, since telling Wolff in late 2016 that he was suddenly retiring from F1 as world champion, 35-year-old German Rosberg invests in several ‘green’ mobility projects and owns the Rosberg X Racing team in Extreme E.

However, he told formel1.de that he is not interested in becoming the next Wolff in Formula 1.

“That doesn’t appeal to me,” Rosberg insisted.

“It’s that dependence again that would go too far for me. It’s a full-time job.

“You are busy in the morning, afternoon and evening. All day, actually,” he said.

Nico Rosberg is married to Alejandro Agag’s two clean energy electric series. Photo: Sam Bagnall/LAT/Formula E

And it’s not just the demanding hours Rosberg recoils at, but also the pressure of life at the top of a sport that he understands all too well.

“When I look at how intensively Toto works, I know it’s not for me,” he said. “I want to avoid that sort of thing for the rest of my life.

“I experienced that intensity and dependence as a driver and I don’t want to experience it again.”

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