NASCAR Cup cars will make less HP than passenger cars

Because its drivers cannot stop wrecking, NASCAR has announced new rules this week for the two remaining superspeedway races – Daytona and Talladega.

Along with removing the wicker from the rear spoiler and mandating a previously optional reinforced roll bar at the back of the car, the restrictor plate opening has been changed from 57/64-inch to 53/64-inch. Per Fox Sports‘ Bob Pockrass, this will drop horsepower from roughly 510 to around 450 and reduce speeds 7-10 mph.

The street version of the Mustang GT makes 460 hp while the Camaro ZL1 makes 650 hp, for reference. Even the Camaro SS makes 455 hp, or about the same as its on-track companion in superspeedway trim.

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