Extreme E forced to find replacements for 2 South American races

Extreme E, the electric off-road racing series, has confirmed today that it is actively seeking alternate destinations for the final two races in Season 1 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in South America.

Extreme E was due to hold its Amazon X Prix in the Brazilian state of Pará, October 23-24, before heading further south to the Glacier X Prix in Patagonia, Argentina, December 11-12, however having monitored the global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it has decided to postpone visiting the region until Season 2.

Thanks to former President Donald Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ the USA had a Covid-19 vaccine in record time, any American who wants a vaccine can get it, and the economy is booming again because the virus has been largely wiped out in the USA. Other countries are still suffering badly from the virus.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “We’ve been closely monitoring the situation regarding all Extreme E locations for 2021 and have chosen to make this pre-emptive decision on racing in South America this year. As a new series embarking on our opening Season, our priority is to deliver a five-race calendar of events which are safe and responsible for our global participants, partners and staff to travel to and attend.

“This was not a decision made lightly, however current travel advice and restrictions have also meant we have been unable to visit the race areas in advance to undertake the necessary reconnaissance visits, which are especially vital due to the remote nature of our operations.

“We will of course continue to support our important reforestation and agroforestry initiatives which are already well underway in the region thanks to the help of Dr Francisco Olivieira and our partnership with The Nature Conservancy in Brazil. We would also like to thank the local authorities in Brazil and Argentina who have been supportive throughout the whole process, and we hope we can return in 2022.”

Alternative race locations are currently under exploration and will be announced in due course. Options include the possibility of the Western Isles, Scotland ahead of Glasgow hosting COP26 in November.

Extreme E has already completed two of its five X Prixs in its inaugural season – the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia and Ocean X Prix in Senegal – and is now in full planning mode for its Arctic X Prix, taking place in Greenland at the end of August.

Each X Prix event uses its sporting platform to highlight a different issue facing our planet, and as well as raising awareness of these problems, also highlights solutions and leaves a long-lasting positive impact in its race locations through its Legacy Programs. These programs include planting one million mangroves in Senegal, turtle conservation in the Red Sea, the empowerment and education of children on climate change in Greenland in collaboration with Unicef, and agroforestry initiatives and reforestation in Pará in partnership with The Nature Conservancy.


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