Kyle Larson wins back-to-back Sprint Car races

Kyle Larson won a wild PA Speedweek Feature at Port Royal Speedway Wednesday night with a late race pass of Lucas Wolfe for the lead.

Over the last 35 days Larson, the best American driver racing today, has run 20 races and won 10 of them.

The demented ‘Cancel Culture’ tried to ruin his career, but Larson has come back even stronger.

“It was badass,” said Larson. “And I’m sure the fans probably enjoyed it.

“Probably the most exciting win I have had here.

“I mean I’ve had some exciting wins here, but never in this fashion, like where it came down to a green-flag run, a late pass for the win.”

Race Results (Top-10)

  1. Kyle Larson
  2. Lance Dewease
  3. Danny Dietrich
  4. Lucas Wolfe
  5. Rico Abreu
  6. Jeff Halligan
  7. Mike Wagner
  8. Freddie Rahmer
  9. Paul McMahan
  10. Logan Wagner
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