Rumor: VW’s Audi, Porsche likely to enter F1 in 2026 (Update)

Rumor has it that Porsche and Audi are looking to share costs and working with Red Bull to create a new F1 engine for 2026.

Those responsible for Formula 1 are confident that an agreement on the rough concept of the new engine will be reached by the Turkish GP.

The MGU-H is history. A strict flow rate limit too.

FIA President Jean Todt recently suggested that E50 petrol be introduced in Formula 1 in an intermediate step in 2023 – i.e. with 50 percent biofuel admixture. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali has welcomed the proposal.

Because 100 percent CO2-neutral fuel and simpler engines are expected to result in performance losses on the combustion side in 2026, the electric part of the drive is being upgraded. The MGU-K will deliver 350 instead of 120 kilowatts of power in the new power unit. That’s the equivalent of 476 instead of 163 hp. This redeployment will also require major conversions of the cars. The battery becomes larger, the MGU-K more robust.

September 29, 2021 

(GMM) Formula 1 is likely to welcome one or even two Volkswagen Group manufacturers to the grid in 2026.

That is the confident prediction of Michael Schmidt, the F1 editor for the highly respected German specialist magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

It comes after the latest series of meetings between the existing teams, the sport’s authorities, and representatives of Audi and Porsche as F1 writes up the new engine rules for 2026 and beyond.

Schmidt said final decisions will be made before the forthcoming Turkish GP.

“If the regulations are formulated as they have been envisioned, Audi and Porsche will be there in 2026,” he said.

“The disappearance of the MGU-H was a hard condition of theirs. As soon as it goes, it is certain that both engine manufacturers will enter Formula 1.”

The basic turbo V6 architecture of the power unit will remain unchanged in 2026, but the electrical power output will reportedly rise to some 350 kilowatts.

“Stefano Domenicali says things are looking good at the moment,” explained Schmidt.

“The engine of the future will most likely be V6, and there are also rumors that all of the power will center around the rear axle.”

It is believed active aerodynamics are also being considered for 2026.


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