NASCAR: The fallacy of the NASCAR Playoff system

We’ make this short and sweet to underscore how utterly ridiculous the current NASCAR playoff system is.

Daniel Hemric never won a NASCAR Xfinity race in his life.  He bangs past Austin Cindric in the final corner on the last lap of the race and wins his first-ever race.  That makes him NASCAR Xfinity champion for the year of 2021 after Cindric dominated the season?

What a farce!

Austin Cindric – that sinking feeling when you know you have been screwed by the NASCAR playoff system after winning so many races during the year

Switching over to the Cup series.

Kyle Larson has completely dominated the season, yet he goes into the championship race with zero advantage over his three competitors.

One blown Goodyear tire, not of Larson’s doing, and he will lose the race and the championship, even if he recovers and finishes 2nd coming back from, say, 2 laps down.

Or a wanker loses control of his race car and hits Larson, damaging his car just enough that he can no longer win.

One of the other three drivers (Hamlin, Truex Jr or Elliott), who Larson schooled all year long, finishes in front of him, and they are the 2021 NASCAR Cup Champion.

There is no best of 5, or best of 7 like in real sports.  No, this is a 1-race crap shoot where just the slightest bad luck, and you lose the title.  You have no recourse to come back and win it because there isn’t a 2nd chance.

Larson goes into the final race with not even a single point advantage for his efforts all season long.

This is the system used to declare a 2021 champion – i.e. Cup champion of the year 2021?

NASCAR has their head in the sand if they think this is the way to run a playoff system.

It isn’t.  No wonder the TV ratings and attendance has been dropping for NASCAR. Fans have washed their hands of such nonsense.

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