F1: Former boss backs Wolff after Brazil emotion

(GMM) Mercedes’ former racing boss has backed Toto Wolff after the Austrian’s particularly emotional weekend of behavior in Brazil.

The intensity of the 2021 title battle took its toll on Mercedes team boss and co-owner Wolff at Interlagos, as he railed against multiple incidents that ultimately did not stop Lewis Hamilton from winning the race on Sunday.

“We had a lot of slaps in the face this weekend and it just pi**es me off,” Wolff is quoted by Bild newspaper.

“I will defend my team and my drivers. I was always very diplomatic, but that’s coming to an end now.”

When asked about Wolff’s obvious emotion and fury, former Mercedes chief Norbert Haug (shown above)  said: “Being calm, informed, reliable and factual is the most important prerequisite for successful people in top-level sport.

“But that doesn’t mean that on a race weekend like the last one in Brazil with numerous – let’s say – dubious decisions, all of which were directed against one team, you can’t express it like this.

“First and foremost, a team boss has to show that you can’t mess with the team,” the German insisted.

Toni Vilander, a well-known racing personality in Finland who works for the C More broadcaster, confirmed that Wolff was indeed “pretty emotional” in Brazil.

“Toto maybe should have waited a little so his statements were less harsh, but I’ve never seen him as heated as that – cursing on the radio for example.”


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