Lando Norris

F1: McLaren sign Norris to new 4-year deal

Lando Norris has committed his long-term future to McLaren after signing a new Formula 1 contract that runs to the end of the 2025 season.

“I’m extremely happy, it’s a big part of my career and life ticked off, and to stay in Formula 1 for another four years is pretty amazing from my side,” Norris said.

“I’m super happy to do it with McLaren as well, the people I’ve grown up with, the people I’ve come into Formula 1 with.

“More than anything I would love to continue what we have and continue trying to reach that dream of ours, which is to get back to winning races and of course to get back to winning championships and so on.”

Team principal Andreas Seidl explained that signing Norris to a long-term deal was part of a push for stability to aid McLaren’s ambitious targets for the future, having ended its nine-year win drought in 2021.

“We strongly believe in the talent of Lando, believing that he can definitely be a key element of achieving these targets that we are having,” Seidl said.

“Consistency and continuity on the driver side is the key to success as well, especially if you have the right guys in your car already.

“So therefore, Zak [Brown] and myself engaged recently with Lando, had some good discussions talking about the commitment also we have been in together for several years from both sides, and therefore we’re very happy that we put in place a new four-year contract with Lando.”

“It wouldn’t have brought me anywhere near to ’25,” Norris said of his previous deal. “But this is more for the solidarity in the team and for the confidence in both of us, and just really for the confidence in both of us for the long-term.

“I see that as a benefit, one for myself to have this longer contract, and stay here for a while, and one for the team.”

“I think there were opportunities that I think we knew would be coming up in the future with various teams,” Norris said.

“This is a very strong message to put out across to everyone, the faith we have in each other, and how strongly I believe that McLaren can recover still and get back to the front in the next few years, even with the opportunities that could arise in the next few years.”

Seidl also revealed that both he and McLaren Racing CEO Brown have also agreed new deals to cover the same long-term period, acting as further stability for the British team.

“Zak, myself, and my entire leadership team is also committed to the team for the long-term,” Seidl said.

“Together with the great team we have in place with all the great talents we have here in place, it’s also a very important sign of belief and confidence that we can get back to the front in Formula 1.”


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