F1: Series has plenty of room for growth

Formula One has one of the biggest followings of any sport across the world due to the sheer scope of the sport. Grand Prix races have been staged in 31 countries across the globe, featuring drivers from several nationalities. The leading car manufacturers in the world all have a vested interest in the sport, either boasting their own teams or creating parts for vehicles at one stage or another in Formula One’s history.

Lewis Hamilton is the most notable driver of the modern era after winning eight Drivers’ Championship crowns. He has brought the sport into celebrity culture due to his success along with his endorsements with leading brands and high-profile relationships.

Whereas other European sports have not quite been able to crack the American market, Formula One has a hotbed of support in the United States due to its presence in the country. The United States Grand Prix has been held since 1908, although it has endured periods of downtime notably between 1917 and 1957 when it was not part of the Formula One calendar.

However, over the last 20 years, it has returned to the fold in the racing heartland of the States in Indianapolis and Austin. Capacity crowds at the Circuit of the Americas and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have highlighted the popularity of the sport, proving that it is not only in the heartlands of Europe that it has a passionate following. Merchandise sales along with console games are also boosting the notoriety of Formula One amongst all generations of supporters, but there are still angles to consider for the sport’s hierarchy to consider in the future.

Many sports have used iGaming titles, allowing their likeness to be used on online slots such as Drive Multiplier Mayhem, where elsewhere some slots have been created around soccer and golf among others. These online casino bases have a loyal following of customers which is further strengthened by sites that offer a variety of promotions and you can see where with this well-constructed list of no deposit bonuses that grant you free spins to find the optimum site to venture into the practice.

Formula One enjoys the same loyalty and it could form an agreement with iGaming developers to cater to the fans of both online slots and the sport to create a new racing slot game. There is ample scope given the range of Formula One fans across the globe to provide this option for fans, with the possibility of even bringing the sport into a new demographic.

The sport has enjoyed great success over a longstanding period and continues to go from strength to strength as it spreads across the globe. The exciting prospect for Formula One’s hierarchy is the ability of the sport to grow and expand with the use of online platforms such as video and slot games. There are no immediate plans for a launch into this area, but it should certainly be explored as these options are no longer niche games and they provide their own huge followings across the world.


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