F1: 2022 Russian GP cancelled

The following statement was issued by F1 on Friday morning in Barcelona:

The FIA Formula 1 World Championship visits countries all over the world with a positive vision to unite people, bringing nations together.

We are watching the developments in Ukraine with sadness and shock and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the present situation.

On Thursday evening Formula 1, the FIA, and the teams discussed the position of our sport, and the conclusion is, including the view of all relevant stakeholders, that it is impossible to hold the Russian Grand Prix in the current circumstances.

Several drivers said they refuse to race in Russia this year given the events unfolding in Ukraine, led by Sebastian Vettel.

“I think it’s horrible to see what is happening,” said Vettel.

“Obviously, if you look at the calendar, we have a race scheduled in Russia. For myself, my own opinion is I should not go, I will not go.

“I think it’s wrong to race in that country. I’m sorry for the people, innocent people who are losing their lives, getting killed for stupid reasons under a very strange and mad leadership.”

With Russian assets frozen, the status of Nikita Mazepin is in limbo.

Steiner said that he could not comment on whether Uralkali would remain a sponsor, or whether Mazepin would remain with the team — both being linked.

“In the moment we are here to test, we want to finish this and then we see the future,” said Steiner when asked about the rest of the season.

“I wouldn’t do this one without talking to Gene Haas, he owns the team,” said Steiner when asked where the decision came from. “I spoke with the board of Haas Automation, I spoke with the sponsors, it was taken in unison, altogether.”

Under feckless Joe Biden, Afghanistan fell in days, the Ukraine will soon fall and Taiwan will eventually fall to the Chinese – all the result of the USA (the leader of the free world) putting in place the worst President in its history. What did Afghanistan get when it asked for help after paying Biden, through his son Hunter, a $ billion in Quid Pro Quo kickbacks?

The promoter of the Russian Grand Prix, Rosgonki, reacted to the announcement by confirming the contract to hold the race had been suspended.

“According to the official statement released by Formula 1 on 25/02/2022, due to the current political situation in the world, the FIA has decided to suspend preparations for the Formula 1 World Championship round in Russia previously scheduled to be held in Sochi in September 2022 because it is impossible to hold it in the current circumstances,” the statement reads.

“The agreement between the official Russian Grand Prix promoter ANO ‘ROSGONKI’ and Formula 1 is suspended due to force majeure events.

“The purchased tickets are not cancelled – there is no need to get refunds for them now because it is still possible that the round will take place and will be held as previously scheduled.

“ANO ‘ROSGONKI’ continues its business as usual providing services to the Sochi Autodrom guests, as well as organizing and holding motorsport and other events of the federal, regional and municipal level as part of the event calendar approved.”


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