F1: Tost says ‘no’ to Andretti entry unless conditions met

AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost is skeptical about a potential new Andretti team entry into the sport and won’t agree to their entry unless all conditions are met.

“We have ten very good teams already,” said Tost.

“Ultimately, the decision depends on the FIA and FOM, but if Michael Andretti wants to form a new team, all the ingredients are there and all the teams agree, then yes. Otherwise, no.”

Formula 1 now has a $200m entry fee for new teams to allow the Championship’s stakeholders to assess whether the entry meets the required standard and to offset their revenue loss due to dilution from the 11th team.

However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that Andretti would need closer to $1billion to be competitive in Formula 1.

“Andretti is a significant name, for sure, and the American market is important,” said Wolff.

“Every team that is joining needs to add value. It’s not only by paying a $200m entry fee, but it needs to demonstrate in my opinion what it can do for all the other teams and for Formula 1 and the FIA. Only then the sport will grow.

“We are the absolute pinnacle. This is the Champions League or the NFL. And redistributing franchises on the go is not how it should be. It’s not the intention of F1 and the FIA either.

“But if a real brand with good people, necessary funding, not only the $200m but probably you need more, around $1bn if you want to play in this club straight from the get-go, then why not?”


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