Sophia Florsch

F1 ‘all talk’ on female inclusion – Florsch

(GMM) Sophia Florsch (shown above) has accused premier motor racing including Formula 1 of being all talk and little action when it comes to promoting female talent.

The 21-year-old German rose to prominence at the iconic Macau GP in 2018, when she suffered a huge crash and was launched into a photographers’ bunker, fracturing her spine.

Since then, she says all the attention resulted in basically no progress in her motor racing rise – despite all the crowing about diversity, equality and inclusion.

“The teams adorn themselves with drivers, but they don’t get any real chances,” she told the Munich Merkur newspaper.

“They are used to justify modern, chic leitmotifs such as ‘We promote women and equality’,” Florsch added.

“In fact, it’s often just a cheaply calculated commitment with mostly no real support at the level of sporting inclusion on an equal playing field.”

In reality, Florsch says she is still most widely associated with her spectacular 2018 crash and injuries, which was “already three years ago”.

She said several sponsorship capitalized on her leap to fame, but none of them “are still by my side”.

“Motorsport moves fast. The accident gave me attention, but in a sporting sense it wasn’t a step forward.”

Florsch will contest the European Le Mans Series in 2022, including the fabled 24-hour endurance race, but she says her real goal is to “get back into single-seaters”.

Formula 1, therefore, is the ultimate dream.

“At the age of 21 I can and should continue to pursue this goal,” she insisted.

“With a large budget it would be quick, with a small budget you sometimes have to take detours. But I’m fighting my way through and firmly believe that there is a future.

“At some point, the investment will pay off.”


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