Rumor: Alfa, McLaren will be stripped of their F1 weight advantage

(GMM) Formula 1 appears to be making an eleventh-hour move to increase the minimum weight of the all-new cars for 2022.

Last week, we quoted Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko as declaring that only one 2022 car – believed to be Alfa Romeo’s – had successfully met the 795kg car-plus-driver weight limit.

We also reported that other teams were therefore pushing for the FIA to increase the weight – despite the fact that, according to Blick correspondent Roger Benoit, every competitor has “known for months” about the 795kg limit.

McLaren MCL36 Shakedown run. Photo Courtesy of McLaren F1 team

“Everyone had to live with that,” said the Swiss, who is close to Sauber-run Alfa Romeo. “And nobody complained.

“But by the three days of testing in Barcelona, many teams suddenly realized they were overweight. And hardly anyone simply wants to lose weight.”

Benoit claims the FIA has been asked by a majority of teams for a weight increase to 800kg, “although there is resistance from McLaren and Alfa around ten days before the first practice session in Bahrain”.

“These two teams had built their new cars in a way that wouldn’t force them to go on a diet, and now they are being asked to forgo the advantage,” he added.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner is quoted as confirming: “We need to increase the total weight of the cars for the benefit of the sport.”

Benoit claims the FIA has the ability to veto a late rule change despite the request of a majority of teams.


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