Gene Haas

F1: Gene Haas seeks experienced driver to replace Mazepin

Haas F1 owner Gene Haas has provided a progress update on his team’s search for a new driver following the dismissal of Nikita Mazepin.

“I think we’d obviously like to get someone with a bit more actual experience,” Haas told the Associated Press. “We just have to see what’s available.”

“There was a lot of intense criticism about the Ukrainian invasion and it was just getting overwhelming. We can’t deal with all that, our other sponsors can’t deal with all that,” Haas told The Associated Press on the starting grid at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“We’re in the process of looking at several candidates, we’ll see who is available and what we have to deal with, but we’ll have somebody by Wednesday,” Haas said.

“Pietro will definitely be in it (testing in Bahrain this week), that’s what he’s for, he’s the test driver.”

“Haas has always been the major, primary sponsor, I don’t know why people said it became a Russian team. Haas Automation was always on the car,” he said.

He has dumped Uralkali but said the team is fine. Haas also co-owns a top NASCAR team with Tony Stewart.

“We’re good. We’re fine. We’d like more money, of course, but we’re fine,” he said. “This just gives us a bigger negative number.”


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