NASCAR: Lower profile tires have had a big negative impact on NASCAR

As predicted, moving to lower profile Goodyear tires for NASCAR has led to major issues.

  • Tires Blowing
  • When tires go down, they go down faster
  • Many drivers unable to get their cars back to the pits when a tire goes down
  • Cars breaking loose without warning
  • Driver leg numbness

Tyler Reddick (shown above) thought the numbness issues he dealt with at Auto Club Speedway had been addressed, but found them to be worse Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas.

“I had numbness in both of my legs,” Reddick said Monday on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “I didn’t know where the gas pedal was very well, and I could not feel the brake pedal very well. So, I actually made it worse, which is not good. I don’t know – I left the race just absolutely dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it got worse; we made it worse.”

“It’s a totally new cockpit; the cockpit in this car is deeper,” he said of the Next Gen car. “A lot of things have changed. It’s a little bit easier to maybe get your feet too high, too low, maybe not get the blood flow that you need.

“So, I’m hoping we have it fixed because I’m going to be in lots of trouble if I can’t use my brake pedal or my left foot when we get to Phoenix.”


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