Video: Ride along with Sainz Jr. around the revised Melbourne circuit

Ride around the revised Melbourne Circuit with Carlos Sainz Jr. on the simulator.

The apex of Turn One is visibly wider and easier to navigate as it has been widened by 2.5 meters to allow cars to go side-by-side more easily.

There is now a cleaner, smoother run through Turn Two down towards Three, which has been reeled in to encourage a greater variation of lines.

Turn Six has also been cut back to provide a smoother run through the chicane that includes Turn Seven.

A remarkable 7.5 metres have been added to the track space at those corners, and estimations therefore predict that the complex should be 70kmh quicker than before.

The Turn 9 and 10 chicane, has been replaced by a long, flat-out right-hander at Turn Eight



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