What Happens to Racing Cars sitting in the graveyard?

If you have wondered what happens to the old and crashed racing cars, well, they usually never really cease to exist. These cars typically become sponsor show cars, museum cars or are broken down, and recycled into new items such as swing sets, golf clubs, and maybe even new race cars.

Racing is well-known for being cutting edge, and it would be such a waste to throw away the parts of extremely expensive cars. Usually, the parts of these cars never end up in the waste field but are transferred to the metal mils where they are being refined back to the raw metal.

The process can be quite simple, or sophisticated, depending on how exotic the materials are on a particular car.

Disposal of the Car

Suppose you are the owner of an old racing car that just aimlessly stays in the corner of your shop, garage or backyard that is overgrown with grass and bushes. In this case, it is the right time to contact the toll-free number 888-871-4488 and reach out to the UsJunkCars who have over thirty years of experience in disposing and buying old cars, offering you the same day service and they pay top dollar.

There are many things to be considered when disposing of a car. The first step is cutting out all the metal parts and pressing them into cubes, and the second step is getting rid of oils, fuel, and some other liquids that can cause serious environmental issues.

It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s the flying IndyCar of Will Power in your typical IndyCar oval track wreck.

How These Cars Are Recycled?

Just as we have implied earlier, these cars are usually transformed into raw metal which is later used for some other purposes such as building new cars.

Some passionate enthusiasts, who enjoy driving their car until it’s time to turn these cars into useless pieces of metal, come with a request wanting their cars to be pressed into cubes so that they can use them as a table or some other funky thing in their home – a talking piece with visitors.

Not all the cars have the same story, and some rare or even old-timer cars tend to be dismantled, and the pieces sold on eBay or the like. These souvenirs can be very pricey.

Crumpled car frames and engines are usually sent to scrapyards where these are pressed, then dismantled into small pieces and milled back to new steel, aluminum or titanium.

This recycled metal has a good chance to be back on the track in the form of some new racing car. Other car pieces such as tires can be repurposed and used as outdoor vases or cut into doormats, or as tools for making the DIY playgrounds. When it comes to oil and grease, these are recycled as well. These are being refined and used again by the military or Postal Service.

Racing cars are not like commercial cars. They sometimes contain very expensive materials like titanium and other expensive alloys that bring top dollar on the salvage market.

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