F1: Audi and Sauber ‘a good fit’ – Seidl

(GMM) Audi and Sauber in collaboration would be a “very good fit” in Formula 1.

That is the view of Andreas Seidl, who is very familiar with the Volkswagen group of carmakers after leading Porsche’s Le Mans program.

Today, he is team boss at McLaren, who reportedly rejected a EUR 650 million buyout bid by Audi, who like Porsche is looking to enter F1 for 2026.

“Audi and Sauber would be a very good fit for the future,” said Seidl, referring to the Swiss-based Formula 1 that is currently known as Alfa Romeo.

“The Swiss have a great infrastructure with the wind tunnel and would be ready for such a task.”

The German hinted, however, that the sticking point of a Sauber-Audi deal might be the same as the one that undid a McLaren-Audi deal.

“I think a lot depends on the owners of the team,” said Seidl. “How much is the Rausing family willing to give up?”


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