F1: Pirelli’s tire supplier contract expires after 2024 season

The tender process for the F1 tire supplier has been delayed across the Covid-19 pandemic, but Pirelli’s stay currently slated to end in 2024, Pirelli motorsport boss Mario Isola insisted the choice for the Italian manufacturer to continue was beyond his control.

“Obviously, the decision is not in our hands but, in general, we are happy with our experience in Formula 1 and we want to continue,” said Isola.

“We had an extension for 2024, but you know that this contract is subject to a tender process and it’s up to the FIA to decide how to manage the situation together with Formula 1.”

Explaining the bid process, Isola detailed: “Usually the tender is released, not at the end of this year, but mid of next year, because it’s the same process we had in the past.

“That means that the decision is for the end of next year, to give one year’s time to the winner of the tender to prepare for the season.

“We are hoping to discuss the future with Formula 1 There is a lot going on, and we have to discuss more in detail about that.

“But it is a tender, so in the end it is up to the offer and the characteristics and the elements that are included in the tender.”


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