F1: Mercedes to reveal new car, bring 1,000 guests to Miami GP

The benefits of having major car manufacturers involved with your motorsports series.  Once Porsche and Audi join in 2026 F1 will have:

  1. Ferrari/Alfa Romeo
  2. Alpine/Renault
  3. Mercedes
  4. Porsche
  5. Audi

What Liberty Media has accomplished since buying F1 is nothing short of phenomenal.  They have managed to:

  1. Get the teams to agree to cost caps
  2. Brought in new manufacturers Porsche and Audi.
  3. Worked with Netflix to create the Drive to Survive Series that has enable F1 to double their fan base.
  4. Signed a record number of races per year, a number that may go even higher.
  5. Changed the design of F1 cars to enable closer racing
  6. Added two additional venues in the USA – now 3 – COTA, Miami and Las Vegas
  7. Got Las Vegas to close down ‘The Strip’ for a race
  8. Increased TV ratings significantly, now averaging 80 million viewers per race globally.
  9. Navigated F1 through Covid and made F1 profitable



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