Update on GMR Grand Prix Schedule

The NTT INDYCAR Series has announced the updated schedule for our race today.

The rain has stopped here in Indianapolis.

IndyCars will grid at 3:10 pm.

The approximate start time of the race is 3:40 pm, with three warm-up laps before the green flag.

The drivers will start on the Wet tires since it has been declared a wet start.  The track has not been dried off by the track dryer.

The race will be 120 minutes long or 85 laps, whichever comes first.

The skies are still pretty dark to the west so we may have more rain during the race.

The IndyLights race which was red-flagged is still in that condition.  The intention is to finish their race after the IndyCar race.


Lucille Dust reporting from Indianapolis


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