F1: If Mercedes does not give de Vries a F1 seat soon, he’ll look to IndyCar

Nyck de Vries is currently the Mercedes Formula 1 Team’s reserve driver and he’s getting tired waiting for Lewis Hamilton to retire so he gets his F1 seat.

de Vries has revealed that he will consider heading to America to compete in IndyCar.

The reigning Formula E champion enjoyed driving an IndyCar for Meyer Shank Racing in Florida a few months ago, and says he immediately felt comfortable with the machinery.

“Meyer Shank were great guys,” he told Autosport.

“It’s a very different form of racing in the US. I would say it’s mostly comparable to Formula 2 almost, given the fact that everyone has the same car. Obviously, there are different engine manufacturers [Honda and Chevrolet].

“I would probably compare it to Formula 2, in the sense that the basics of the equipment is the same. And then it’s up to the teams to make the differences – obviously the car’s a bit quicker.

“But also from a feeling point of view, I felt quite quickly at home, I will admit it was very physical. And then the Americans, they love show and they love racing, and it’s very pure, which is refreshing sometimes.

“At the same time, I also love the professionalism, the technicality and kind of sophisticated elements of Formula 1, Hypercars [in the World Endurance Championship] and Formula E because all of them have their own challenges.”

“At the moment I’m in Europe in Formula E and part of Toyota as well,” he explained.

“So I’ll have to see how the next months are developing and then at some point, I guess I’ll get to know what my future would look like, at least in the mid-term.”



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