Kyle Larson. Photo courtesy of Hendrick Motorsports

IndyCar: Kyle Larson eyes future Indy 500 go

Kyle Larson, the defending NASCAR champion, is already arguably the best all-around race car driver on the planet. However, he has yet to prove his talents at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”

During a recent appearance on the “12 Questions” podcast, Jeff Gluck of The Athletic asked Larson about the Indy 500. Larson does want to enter, but only under the right conditions.

“I would love to race the Indy 500 someday,” Larson told Gluck. “To me, it is the biggest race in the world, and I want to do it, for sure. But I want to do it with a great team, and I want to do it where I feel like I am prepared and can prepare because I don’t want to go and just do it to say that I did it.”

“I think maybe 10 years ago, I would have wanted to do it to say I did it,” Larson continued. “But now I want to do it and know that I have a shot to win. I want to be with a great team. I want to be able to go test. Heck, I would like to go race before the Indy 500, somewhere, whether it is a road course or an oval, just to get familiar with pit stops and procedures for restarts.”

“I feel like that window of doing it and feeling like you’re in your prime to do it is sometime in the next three, four, five years,” he told the podcast. “But it is definitely on my bucket list of races.”

Great all-around driver

“I look at a guy like Kyle Larson, and I think what makes him special is that he can win, realistically, at four out of the five types of tracks,” Keselowski told Insider, referencing the five track types: superspeedways, intermediate tracks, short tracks, road tracks, and dirt tracks.

“And that’s pretty impressive. Most of the drivers say, ‘I can win at two. I can win at three.’ But to be able to win at four out of five, that’s pretty good.”




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