F1: Vettel should drop interest in politics – Ecclestone

(GMM) Sebastian Vettel should stop worrying about global issues and instead re-set his full focus on Formula 1.

That is the advice of former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who was asked about the quadruple world champion’s current situation in the sport and his obvious new activism in environmental, social and political matters.

“He’s not that focused,” Ecclestone, 91, told the German broadcaster RTL.

“Before, when he was winning races, he didn’t know what was going on in the world and didn’t care. Now he cares and he thinks about the future of the world.

“I think he’s right, but I don’t think he should use his position for that reason.”

Sebastian Vettel contemplates which tree to hug next

However, Ecclestone doesn’t think Vettel has lost any of his talent.

“It’s about all the other things behind him that don’t make it easy to get back to who he was,” he said, referring to Vettel’s era of dominance with Red Bull and Ferrari.

Therefore, Ecclestone advises Vettel to “concentrate a million percent on Formula 1 again”.

“I would like to see him in the other car with Max Verstappen. It would be good for him too,” he said.

He admits that is unlikely to happen, but Ecclestone also thinks Vettel will probably stay with Aston Martin for a further period beyond 2022.

“Well, I think they are happy to have him on the team,” he said. “Everyone is happy with him. It’s more about whether he has decided to be a politician or a Formula 1 driver.”


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