F1: Lando Norris reveals he regularly receives death threats on social media (Update)

McLaren’s Lando Norris announced his break-up with girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira before deleting the Instagram story. The Briton made his relationship with the Portuguese model public at the end of 2021 through an Instagram post, garnering a lot of likes and comments.

Lando Norris wrote on a now-deleted Instagram story:

“After time and consideration Luisinha and myself have mutually decided to end our romantic relationship but remain good friends. I wish her the world and have so much respect for her and all she does as such an amazing and strong women with nothing but kindness. Pls respect our decision and respect our but more importantly and especially her privacy moving forward.”

Norris has since deleted his Instagram story, leading to widespread confusion about his relationship status. Norris’ status with Oliveira is currently unknown.

July 1, 2022 

McLaren star Lando Norris reveals he regularly receives death threats on social media and that his girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira has ‘hate pages’ dedicated to her… as he insists not enough is done about online trolls who are ‘wasting their lives’

Nothing is done because Norris is white and not black.  Otherwise, there would be a uprising in the F1 paddock.

The 22-year-old McLaren driver, who is seventh in the drivers’ championship, has also talked about how his girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira has ‘hate pages’ dedicated to her by online trolls.

His girlfriend, a Portuguese model, has also been thrown into spotlight after their relationship became public earlier this this year.

Norris has tried to protect her but has opened up on the hate he receives, as well as the ‘horrific’ abuse aimed at her.

Poor Lewis Hamilton who always makes a huge deal when it’s directed at him. Why isn’t the hypocrite F1 paddock not all over what is happening against Norris and his girlfriend?  Death threats are very serious.  Some nut making these death threats might actually try to kill one of them. Seems no one cares because they are not black.

Speaking to the The Sun, he said: ‘Whether it’s about my personal life, me and my girlfriend, especially the amount of hate pages dedicated to Luisinha now. It is pretty horrific.’

‘Having a normal life to all of a sudden having lots of followers, she has to be more careful of what she says and does.

‘Formula One’s a big step but for her, she’d never watched a race before. And suddenly being in that limelight is extremely tough for someone to go through and the amount of comments she gets — and I want to protect her.’


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