F1: Verstappen explains how Hamilton took him out on purpose last year at Silverstone

In Thursday’s press conference at the Red Bull Ring Max Verstappen explained how ‘dirty’ driver Lewis Hamilton took him out deliberately at the Copse Corner during the British GP last year.

Hamilton simply ran wide through the corner, despite Verstappen giving him 2 car widths on the inside, and hit Verstappen to take him out.

What was Hamilton doing up in the middle of the track when Verstappen gave him more than a full lane down the inside?

Hamilton then had the audacity to try and place the blame on Verstappen.

Hamilton said after Silverstone this year: “Very sensible driver [Leclerc] clearly a lot different to what we experienced last year. In Copse the two of us went through there no problem.”

Verstappen’s response: “It is positive that as a driver at 37 you can still learn how to hit an apex!”

Hamilton was down at the apex this year with Leclerc, instead of moving up two lanes and spearing Leclerc out of the race like he did to Verstappen in 2021.
A not very amused #1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda during the Austrian GP Thursday Press Conference: “It was nice that at 37 years old, Hamilton finally learned how to hit an Apex.”


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